Year 2 visit to Chatham Historic Dockyard February 2017

Year 2 set sail on their brand new pirate topic at Chatham Dockyard. What a fun and interesting day it was! They had a meet and greet with a pirate captain and had to pass tests to become part of the pirate crew. Afterwards they discovered how rope was made. They made their very own giant skipping rope which the children have been enjoying playing with at playtimes back at school. Later they explored the materials used for boat building and made their own boats…two even floated! A wonderful day was had by all.

Year 2 Space Topic


Year 2 started back after their half term break to a big surprise! Awaiting them in their classroom was a crashed rocket and the biggest mess caused by the debris. The class investigated the materials they found very closely and filled in crash incident reports to hand to the authorities. Their keen minds deduced that an alien had escaped from the scene. What Year 2 are waiting to find out is……will the alien return?